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Course Syllabi

In this section I have included the syllabi of the four courses that have lately constituted my teaching schedule at NUI Galway.

Comparative Economic Thought

2nd Year Arts

Terry McDonough
St. Anthony's Rm. 221 Ext. 3164


Reintroducing Macroeconomics Cohn, Ch. 1

Neoclassical Economics: Why an alternative is needed

Supply and Demand Debunking Economics Steve Keen Ch. 3
Income distribution History of Economic Thought E.K. Hunt Ch. 16

Marxian Economics

Basic Concepts Economics, Marxian versus Neoclassical Wolff and Resnick, Ch. 3, Sect. C
  Understanding Capitalism Bowles and Edwards pp. 49 -68 (reserve)
Capitalism and Profits The Profit System Green and Sutcliffe, Ch. 1
  Bowles and Edwards pp. 68 - 83

Determinants of the Profit Rate:

Labour Relations Green and Sutcliffe, Ch. 5 (reserve)
  Bowles and Edwards 155 – 197 (reserve)
Technology Green and Sutcliffe, Ch. 3 (reserve)


Labour Theory of Value Economics Hunt and Sherman, Ch. 18
Sraffa's Price Theory The Challenge of Radical Political Economy Sawyer Ch. 8.1-8.5

Post Keynesian Economics


Chartalism Understanding Modern Money Randall Wray pp.155 - 176
Endogenous Money Macroeconomics Sherman and Evans pp.306 – 328
Money and Instability Sherman and Evans pp. 334 – 342 (reserve)


Aggregate Demand Theory of Economic Dynamics Michel Kalecki pp. 45-52
Monopoly Capital Political Economy Peter Reynolds pp. 216-229

Capitalist Dynamics: Marx and Keynes

Accumulation The Capitalist Sysetem 3rd Ed. Edwards, Reich and Weisskopf Chs. 3.2, 3.5-.6
Unemployment, Inflation and Business Cycles Bowles and Edwards pp.269 – 296 (reserve)

Institutional Economics

The Institutional Tradition The Reconstruction of Economics Gruchy Ch. 1 Chs. 2-3 (reserve)
Social Structures of Accumulation: Marx and Institutions Long Swings and Stages of Capitalism Gordon, Edwards and Reich From Social Structures of Accumulation Kotz, McDonough, Reich.
The State Green and Sutcliffe Ch. 11 (reserve)
Ideology Green and Sutcliffe Ch. 9 (reserve)

Ecological Economics

A Guide to What's Wrong with Economics Edward Fullbrook Ch 22, pp. 237-46.

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